Left and Right Chutes: These will pop the ball back into play usually (unless two balls go down at once). But once they are used, a switch falls into place that will cause you to lose the ball the next time it goes in the chute. to reset both chutes, light up the three lights behind the Shaman and below the tail of the Crashed Plane.

Time Targets: Located to the right of the Catapult and just below the upper right flipper, these targets will extend the countdown time of any expiring activity. For example, striking one of these targets while the Ball Saver is up, will keep it up for a few more seconds. It also extends the time you have to install keys or go on a sacrifice.

Ball Saver: activated at the beginning of the game and then as a prize for the slot machines, this post between the ends of the lower flippers help prevent you from losing the ball.

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