The golden ball in play.

The Labyrinth is located below the playing board. It consists of 3 rings that move independently. When the golden ball in the Labyrinth is carried to a darker colored slot in the next ring, it falls into that ring and a new silver ball is added to the board for multiball. When the golden ball in the Labyrinth drops into the center, you activate the golden ball, and the status will say "Temple Opened". Shoot the ball into the catapult to release the golden ball.

The Labyrinth can be moved clockwise by lighting all four lights above the right chute. The Labyrinth will move counterclockwise when all four lights above the left chute are lit. Installing keys also turns the Labyrinth, but the advantage is it always turns towards the slot to the next ring.

The golden ball is a little larger than a silver one, so the game play is a little different. Also the golden ball earns 50% more points.