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The full board at the beginning of the game. Mouse over a part of the board to see its name; click to go to a page about it.

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Jungle Style PinballEdit

Jungle Style Pinball is Gameprom's follow-up to The Deep Pinball. It is available for purchase separately or with Wild West Pinball and The Deep Pinball as a suite called Pinball HD ($0.99). Jungle Style Pinball features more complex game play than its predecessors, succeeded by Da Vinci Pinball, which is an in-app purchase for Pinball HD.

You start with 4 lives and receive additional lives at 10, 50, 100, and 500 million points. Multiball is possible either through the slot machine or by advancing to the next ring in the Labyrinth.

Major components of the game

Here is the Guide that is included with the game.

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