One of the Tiki Guards turns to face the catapult.

The catapult lights up when activated and will shoot a ball out. The direction can adjusted by the left and right flippers. It is not certain what exactly causes the catapult to light up, but if the ball strikes an area near the catapult a couple of times, it seems to light up.

The catapult has several uses:

When lit, it can be used to aim and shoot at the Tiki Guards. Use aiming to hit the guard that faces the catapult. Also use the flipper to hit the guards again before they sink back into the table.

If it is lit while the Tiki Guards are raised to full height in defense of Big Kong, you may be able to strike two guards at once by aiming in between them. While it takes three hits of a tiki guard to lower it one step, it only takes one hit from the catapult to lower a guard by one step. The guard also seem to lower one step if you can use the upper flipper to hit a guard again just after the catapult was used, like a rebound in basketball.

It also is used once the ball reaches the middle of the Labyrinth to convert your silver ball into a golden ball.